New extreme sports pain relief launched in the USA

Nick Price endorses Golf Pain AwayElmore Oil Company has developed an elite sports strength version of their oil and launched it in the USA under a license agreement with the US based company, Pain Away LLC. The US company will promote the ‘double strength’ Elmore Oil to golf pro shops in the USA under the brand name of Golf Pain Away (GPA).

Specially designed and packaged for golfers at both professional and amateur levels, Golf Pain Away (GPA) will now be available in a convenient 50ml roll on applicator bottle in Pro Shops across the USA and it’s already taking the country by storm.

The product contains extra Vanilla, the key ingredient in Elmore Oil that promotes vasodilation (improved blood flow) at the point of application. Managing Director of Elmore Oil Company, Mark Linford, says the modified product formulation will be well received by the sports consumer. “The extra Vanilla provides a faster pain relieving action and will be superior to any natural product on the market. Of course we are still using the same level of pure active essential oils but the delivery mechanism is boosted with the additional pure vanilla extracts, providing a product that is truly suited to the sports enthusiast.”

GPA has partnered with World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Nick Price, to help spread the message of the game changing pain relief product. Throughout his career Nick Price has achieved his accolades through hard work and dedication. With all great achievements comes consequences, and the years of dedication to the game he loves have left their aches and pains. After discovering GPA Mr. Price has seen the pain relieving benefits that the product can provide to golfers after using it for the last few months.

The unique properties of the Australian Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil are providing users rapid pain relief, but also anti-inflammatory action, which is a huge bonus for any golfer who suffers from inflammation in the lower back or problems in the shoulders, wrists, hands, knees and elbows.

GPA will make its PGA debut at this year’s 2012 Allianz Championship in Boca Raton Florida. Pain Away LLC National Sales Director Arlen Bento Jr. says “golfers try it, see results then they buy, it’s a no brainer, the product works, no side effects because it’s all natural, and most importantly its backed with a 100% money back guarantee!”
“It’s just a perfect match for golfers around the country who are plagued by small bothersome injuries which can affect their game and the enjoyment of their favorite sport. Using GPA daily gives golfers of all levels the chance to enjoy their game again and play pain free” says Bento.

CEO of Pain Away LLC (the company behind GPA) Mr Jeremy Delk, says Golf Pain Away is so unique to users and is packed full of benefits not normally found in a topical product. “The blending process used in the manufacturing of GPA is unique and the additional Vanilla extracts bound to the active ingredients gives us a natural product that works fast on all forms of pain and inflammation.”

“We are very pleased to be in association with the Elmore Oil Company and to have access to their technologies which have been incorporated into our super strength sports version of their already proven pain relief product.”

Golf Pain Away will retail for $24.95 USD for the 50ml roll-on

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