The next 4 secret uses of Elmore Oil

In our last post we told you the first 3 secret uses (out of 7) for Elmore Oil. Here now are the next 4 secret uses of Australia’s favourite pain releiver. Learn how to relieve pain and discomfort for some of the most annoying conditions and find secret uses you would never have thought of.
Raynauds Disease … (sometimes called Raynauds Phenomenon) this condition is characterized by discoloration of the fingers and toes due to poor circulation (and sometimes the nose and earlobes) which can be very painful and is aggravated by the onset of cold weather. Elmore Oil contains pure extracts of Vanilla, and within Vanilla there are compounds known as vasodilators, which expand the blood vessels and allow blood to flow more easily around the body. This is particularly helpful for those who suffer from Raynauds Disease or other circulatory problems and by using Elmore Oil, twice a day, every day, you will eliminate the symptoms of these annoying diseases, without having to turn to prescription drugs.

Heel Spurs … one of the more common emails or phone calls we receive from our customers is related to Heel Spurs. So many people are now finding out just how effective Elmore Oil can be on heel spurs. A twice day application to the affected heel area, over about a 2 week period, can take care of even the most troublesome heel spur. Then just use Elmore Oil whenever you feel one coming on, to prevent the annoying pain they can bring.

RSI (repetitive strain injury) … a term that was all the rage a few years ago, but sufferers were often left feeling like they were a bit crazy for even mentioning it. Well we are not talking about the RSI that sends you off into a workcover claim, but you can get an RSI pain from so many things and it is usually caused by holding one muscle group in a fixed position for a long time. When you type on a keyboard your wrists don’t move much even though your fingers do, so you get RSI in the wrist. When you stand at a work bench and your feet are locked in the one position or you work on a production line and you do the same task over and over, perhaps fitting small parts together. These are all RSI pains and Elmore Oil will rapidly take the pain away due to the vasodilatation effects of the Vanilla extracts in Elmore Oil. In simple terms, Elmore Oil improves circulation and gets the blood flowing faster around the pain affected area. So apply Elmore Oil to any RSI type muscular injury for fast pain relief.

Headaches … we are often asked if Elmore Oil is suitable for headaches and the answer varies depending on the cause of the headache. Tension headaches, which are caused by the tightening of muscles in the neck and shoulder areas, can certainly be treated very effectively by gently massaging some Elmore Oil into the neck, shoulders and temple areas.
Migraines and other cranial type headaches are more difficult to treat and while Elmore may slightly relieve the symptoms, generally others methods are required, which may include rest away from noise and light (in the case of migraines).
The important thing to remember is that Elmore Oil can’t do any harm, and unlike other forms of painkillers, it is impossible to overdose on Elmore Oil, so you can apply it 5, 6 or 7 times a day if you need to, without any side effects, so it’s a great product to try when you have your next headache.

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