Elmore Oil now available in a CREAM !

Elmore Cream Tubes
Announcing the launch of the new Elmore Oil CREAM. We have spent almost 2 years in development of this amazing cream base, which will carry the same active ingredients from Elmore Oil that you know and love. With Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Vanilla all blended into the proprietary base known as Actilastin 1000, you can now enjoy all the benefits of Elmore Oil in a cream.

It’s easy to use and convenient for travel, as the cream rubs in easily and goes to work straight away, just like the oil, relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Click through to our online shop here http://elmoreoil.co.nz/buy-now/buy-online/ to place your early bird order now at a special reduced rate, or you can go to any leading pharmacy where the product will be available from the 29th of August onwards.

Q: Does Elmore Oil CREAM work on all forms of arthritis?
A: Yes, Elmore Oil CREAM has proven to be effective on all forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid, osteo and juvenile arthritis, as well as gout and general un-diagnosed joint pain. The CREAM is also effective for all muscular pain and assists with recovery from soft tissue injury.

Q: How effective is the pain relief?
A: The level of effect is always directly related to the level of pain. Mild pain will almost certainly be removed completely, whereas people suffering intense pain may only receive a reduction in their pain. Over a long period, the regular use of Elmore Oil CREAM will provide anti-inflammatory benefits and free up the joints which also helps.

Q: How often do I need to use Elmore Oil CREAM?
A: It depends again on the level of pain. Generally twice a day but if the pain is severe you may need 4 or 5 applications.

Q: Is it possible to use too much?
A: No, Elmore Oil CREAM is made from only natural ingredients and there is no risk of over-dosing. Of course you don’t want to waste the product and a little bit does go a long way, so use sparingly but use often.

Q: How long will a tube last?
A: This depends on how much you use it, but statistics show that a person suffering chronic pain, requiring everyday use will go through one tube per month, using it on a regular basis, twice a day, every day. At $14.95 thats the best value natural pain relief you will ever get.

Q: How is Elmore Oil any different from Elmore Oil CREAM?
A: There is absolutely NO difference in the active ingredients that is in each bottle or tube. The only difference is the base of the product into which we dissolve the active ingredients. In the oil we use Olive Oil as the base, whereas in the CREAM we use a revolutionary new base, known as Actilastin 1000. This amazing cream base was developed exclusively for the Elmore Oil Company and is a synergistic blend of plant extracts which have been homogenised into a cream format. No other cream in the world uses Actilastin 1000 and the unique ‘rapid absorbtion’ properties of this base account for the fast acting pain relief. The levels of Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Vanilla in the CREAM are identical to that of the Elmore Oil.

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